Online booking on your website in 10 minutes. A free plan is available!

In under 10 minutes, you can create an online scheduling widget. You can embed it, link to it, or use our dedicated scheduling page!

Quickly install our booking module on your website or social network and collect client bookings and payments. Free Plan available!
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You can make things much easier,
for you and your clients:

Check this out:
Have a look at real-world examples book in just a few clicks
"as a client", find out how it works!
Use the free trial and install the widget on your website or social profile. You can test all available functionality—it's totally free!
Automate booking for your business
Create your booking module

You will define the necessary
functionality of the online booking module.

Every module on our platform is unique
it is unlike any other.

You will easily create precisely the module,
that will serve you and your clients best.

Examples of the booking modules
See how easy online booking has become!

We've created a user-friendly, easy-to-understand interface that will encourage your clients to book your services. Try it yourself!

Example 1. Temporal booking
It will take you 5-10 minutes to create a widget like this and to install it on your website or social profile.
Set the correct settings, time intervals, and workdays and days off.
You can add custom fields to the contact form to receive the information you need from your clients.
Example 2. Vacancy booking - transport tickets
Set the location of every object individually, upload a custom background (optional)
Choose an icon suitable for your needs:
icons for a custom vacancy layout
Example 3. Daily booking of a room, hostel, or a hotel
Example 4. Hundreds of unique-tailored solutions are possible:

You do not see a module that would be suitable for your needs? Not a problem!
Just go ahead and create it yourself.

All the tools that you need on one platform
It will fit virtually any business
Our modules are perfectly responsive

You can easily set the module to be just the right size -
set a width you desire or set it to be responsive automatically.

Booking module responsive settings
Our free plan allows you to use one booking module, which you can deploy on any number of domains. For advanced functionality and options, see our pricing.
Ready-made integrations
3Bookers can be used on any website or platform

It doesn't matter what your website is built on — whether it was developed for you from the ground up, or you used a CMS or any website builder,
our module will function perfectly and do what was intended.

If you do not have a website, you can place the module anywhere, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

You can also use the module's direct link on our platform at no additional cost!